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Tue 14:00 Private Set Generation with Discriminative Information
Dingfan Chen · Raouf Kerkouche · Mario Fritz
Affinity Workshop
Generalized PTR: User-Friendly Recipes for Data-Adaptive Algorithms with Differential Privacy
Rachel Redberg · Yuqing Zhu · Yu-Xiang Wang
RL Boltzmann Generators for Conformer Generation in Data-Sparse Environments
Yash Patel · Ambuj Tewari
Differentially Private Gradient Boosting on Linear Learners for Tabular Data
Saeyoung Rho · Shuai Tang · Sergul Aydore · Michael Kearns · Aaron Roth · Yu-Xiang Wang · Steven Wu · Cedric Archambeau
Federated Continual Learning with Differentially Private Data Sharing
Giulio Zizzo · Ambrish Rawat · Naoise Holohan · Seshu Tirupathi
Wed 9:00 New Lower Bounds for Private Estimation and a Generalized Fingerprinting Lemma
Gautam Kamath · Argyris Mouzakis · Vikrant Singhal
Tue 9:00 Generating Training Data with Language Models: Towards Zero-Shot Language Understanding
Yu Meng · Jiaxin Huang · Yu Zhang · Jiawei Han
A PINN Approach to Symbolic Differential Operator Discovery with Sparse Data
Brydon Eastman · Lena Podina · Mohammad Kohandel
Synthesis of Realistic Load Data: Adversarial Networks for Learning and Generating Residential Load Patterns
Xinyu Liang · Hao Wang
Wed 9:00 Neural Stochastic PDEs: Resolution-Invariant Learning of Continuous Spatiotemporal Dynamics
Cristopher Salvi · Maud Lemercier · Andris Gerasimovics
Tue 9:00 Private Estimation with Public Data
Alex Bie · Gautam Kamath · Vikrant Singhal
Thu 14:00 Why Do Artificially Generated Data Help Adversarial Robustness
Yue Xing · Qifan Song · Guang Cheng