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SEM2: Enhance Sample Efficiency and Robustness of End-to-end Urban Autonomous Driving via Semantic Masked World Model
Zeyu Gao · Yao Mu · Ruoyan Shen · Chen Chen · Yangang Ren · Jianyu Chen · Shengbo Li · Ping Luo · Yanfeng Lu
Tue 14:00 Trajectory-guided Control Prediction for End-to-end Autonomous Driving: A Simple yet Strong Baseline
Penghao Wu · Xiaosong Jia · Li Chen · Junchi Yan · Hongyang Li · Yu Qiao
Expo Talk Panel
Mon 7:30 End-to-end cloud-based Document Intelligence Architecture using the open-source Feathr Feature Store, the SynapseML Spark library, and Hugging Face Extractive Question Answering
Mario Inchiosa
Thu 9:00 SAVi++: Towards End-to-End Object-Centric Learning from Real-World Videos
Gamaleldin Elsayed · Aravindh Mahendran · Sjoerd van Steenkiste · Klaus Greff · Michael Mozer · Thomas Kipf
Wed 14:00 ELIAS: End-to-End Learning to Index and Search in Large Output Spaces
Nilesh Gupta · Patrick Chen · Hsiang-Fu Yu · Cho-Jui Hsieh · Inderjit Dhillon
Tue 14:00 End-to-end Algorithm Synthesis with Recurrent Networks: Extrapolation without Overthinking
Arpit Bansal · Avi Schwarzschild · Eitan Borgnia · Zeyad Emam · Furong Huang · Micah Goldblum · Tom Goldstein
QueryPose: Sparse Multi-Person Pose Regression via Spatial-Aware Part-Level Query
Yabo Xiao · Kai Su · Xiaojuan Wang · Dongdong Yu · Lei Jin · Mingshu He · Zehuan Yuan
Tue 9:00 Recommender Forest for Efficient Retrieval
Chao Feng · Wuchao Li · Defu Lian · Zheng Liu · Enhong Chen
Thu 14:00 CascadeXML: Rethinking Transformers for End-to-end Multi-resolution Training in Extreme Multi-label Classification
Siddhant Kharbanda · Atmadeep Banerjee · Erik Schultheis · Rohit Babbar
Wed 9:00 End-to-end Symbolic Regression with Transformers
Pierre-alexandre Kamienny · StĂ©phane d'Ascoli · Guillaume Lample · Francois Charton
Tue 9:00 Myriad: a real-world testbed to bridge trajectory optimization and deep learning
Nikolaus Howe · Simon Dufort-LabbĂ© · Nitarshan Rajkumar · Pierre-Luc Bacon
Toward Effective Deep Reinforcement Learning for 3D Robotic Manipulation: End-to-End Learning from Multimodal Raw Sensory Data
Samyeul Noh · Hyun Myung