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Hierarchical Agents by Combining Language Generation and Semantic Goal Directed RL
Bharat Prakash · Nicholas Waytowich · Tim Oates · Tinoosh Mohsenin
Wed 14:00 ALMA: Hierarchical Learning for Composite Multi-Agent Tasks
Shariq Iqbal · Robby Costales · Fei Sha
The Paradox of Choice: On the Role of Attention in Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Andrei Nica · Khimya Khetarpal · Doina Precup
Tue 14:00 Deep Hierarchical Planning from Pixels
Danijar Hafner · Kuang-Huei Lee · Ian Fischer · Pieter Abbeel
Thu 14:00 DHRL: A Graph-Based Approach for Long-Horizon and Sparse Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Seungjae Lee · Jigang Kim · Inkyu Jang · H. Jin Kim
Discrete Compositional Representations as an Abstraction for Goal Conditioned Reinforcement Learning
Riashat Islam · Hongyu Zang · Anirudh Goyal · Alex Lamb · Kenji Kawaguchi · Xin Li · Romain Laroche · Yoshua Bengio · Remi Tachet des Combes