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Tue 14:00 MineDojo: Building Open-Ended Embodied Agents with Internet-Scale Knowledge
Linxi Fan · Guanzhi Wang · Yunfan Jiang · Ajay Mandlekar · Yuncong Yang · Haoyi Zhu · Andrew Tang · De-An Huang · Yuke Zhu · Anima Anandkumar
Sat 8:30 Jim Fan: Open-Ended Embodied Agents with Internet-Scale Knowledge
REVIVE: Regional Visual Representation Matters in Knowledge-Based Visual Question Answering
Yuanze Lin · Yujia Xie · Dongdong Chen · Yichong Xu · Chenguang Zhu · Lu Yuan
Affinity Workshop
Pre-processing of Social Media Feeds based on Integrated Local Knowledge Base
Taiwo Kolajo · Olawande Daramola · Ayodele Adebiyi
Tue 14:00 Instance-based Learning for Knowledge Base Completion
Wanyun Cui · Xingran Chen
Affinity Workshop
Mon 7:10 Contributed talk (Taiwo Kolajo) - "Pre-processing of Social Media Feeds based on Integrated Local Knowledge Base"
Taiwo Kolajo
pyKT: A Python Library to Benchmark Deep Learning based Knowledge Tracing Models
Zitao Liu · Qiongqiong Liu · Jiahao Chen · Shuyan Huang · Jiliang Tang · Weiqi Luo
Wed 9:00 PhysGNN: A Physics--Driven Graph Neural Network Based Model for Predicting Soft Tissue Deformation in Image--Guided Neurosurgery
Yasmin Salehi · Dennis Giannacopoulos
Wed 14:00 ReFactor GNNs: Revisiting Factorisation-based Models from a Message-Passing Perspective
Yihong Chen · Pushkar Mishra · Luca Franceschi · Pasquale Minervini · Pontus Lars Erik Saito Stenetorp · Sebastian Riedel
Tue 14:00 Information-Theoretic GAN Compression with Variational Energy-based Model
Minsoo Kang · Hyewon Yoo · Eunhee Kang · Sehwan Ki · Hyong Euk Lee · Bohyung Han
Affinity Workshop
Boosting Self-supervised Video-based Human Action Recognition Through Knowledge Distillation
Fernando Camarena · MIGUEL GONZALEZ-MENDOZA · Leonardo Chang · Neil Hernandez-Gress