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Wed 10:45 Panel 3C-8: AMOS: A Large-Scale… & Breaking Bad: A…
Yuanfeng Ji · Silvia Sellán
Affinity Workshop
Model Interpretation based Sample Selection in Large-Scale Conversational Assistants
Kiana Hajebi
Tue 9:00 Matryoshka Representation Learning
Aditya Kusupati · Gantavya Bhatt · Aniket Rege · Matthew Wallingford · Aditya Sinha · Vivek Ramanujan · William Howard-Snyder · Kaifeng Chen · Sham Kakade · Prateek Jain · Ali Farhadi
Thu 9:00 Wukong: A 100 Million Large-scale Chinese Cross-modal Pre-training Benchmark
Jiaxi Gu · Xiaojun Meng · Guansong Lu · Lu Hou · Niu Minzhe · Xiaodan Liang · Lewei Yao · Runhui Huang · Wei Zhang · Xin Jiang · Chunjing XU · Hang Xu
Thu 14:00 Large-Scale Retrieval for Reinforcement Learning
Peter Humphreys · Arthur Guez · Olivier Tieleman · Laurent Sifre · Theophane Weber · Timothy Lillicrap
Scale-conditioned Adaptation for Large Scale Combinatorial Optimization
Minsu Kim · Jiwoo SON · Hyeonah Kim · Jinkyoo Park
Affinity Workshop
Neural Collaborative Filtering to Predict Human Contact with Large-Scale GPS data
Jorge Barreras Cortes
Accessible Large-Scale Plant Pathology Recognition
Marcos Conde · Dmitry Gordeev
A Large-Scale Observational Study of the Causal Effects of a Behavioral Health Nudge
Achille Nazaret · Guillermo Sapiro
DGraph: A Large-Scale Financial Dataset for Graph Anomaly Detection
Xuanwen Huang · Yang Yang · Yang Wang · Chunping Wang · Zhisheng Zhang · Jiarong Xu · Lei Chen · Michalis Vazirgiannis
Large-scale self-supervised pre-training on protein three-dimensional structures
Ilya Senatorov
Fri 5:50 Reinforcement learning in large-scale heterogeneous dynamic systems
Ivana Dusparic