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Thu 14:00 Generalization for multiclass classification with overparameterized linear models
Vignesh Subramanian · Rahul Arya · Anant Sahai
Tue 14:00 Multiclass Learnability Beyond the PAC Framework: Universal Rates and Partial Concept Classes
Alkis Kalavasis · Grigoris Velegkas · Amin Karbasi
Thu 9:00 SketchBoost: Fast Gradient Boosted Decision Tree for Multioutput Problems
Leonid Iosipoi · Anton Vakhrushev
Thu 14:00 A New Family of Generalization Bounds Using Samplewise Evaluated CMI
Fredrik Hellström · Giuseppe Durisi
Wed 9:00 A Reduction to Binary Approach for Debiasing Multiclass Datasets
Ibrahim Alabdulmohsin · Jessica Schrouff · Sanmi Koyejo
Thu 14:00 Active Learning of Classifiers with Label and Seed Queries
Marco Bressan · Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi · Silvio Lattanzi · Andrea Paudice · Maximilian Thiessen