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Neural Stochastic Control
Jingdong Zhang · Qunxi Zhu · Wei LIN
Wed 14:00 Neural Differential Equations for Learning to Program Neural Nets Through Continuous Learning Rules
Kazuki Irie · Francesco Faccio · Jürgen Schmidhuber
Wed 14:00 Thompson Sampling Efficiently Learns to Control Diffusion Processes
Mohamad Kazem Shirani Faradonbeh · Mohamad Sadegh Shirani Faradonbeh · Mohsen Bayati
Defending Against Adversarial Attacks via Neural Dynamic System
Xiyuan Li · Zou Xin · Weiwei Liu
Thu 9:00 Differentiable Analog Quantum Computing for Optimization and Control
Jiaqi Leng · Yuxiang Peng · Yi-Ling Qiao · Ming Lin · Xiaodi Wu
Wed 9:00 Do Residual Neural Networks discretize Neural Ordinary Differential Equations?
Michael Sander · Pierre Ablin · Gabriel Peyré
Fourier Continuation for Exact Derivative Computation in Physics-Informed Neural Operators
Haydn Maust · Zongyi Li · Yixuan Wang · Anima Anandkumar
Thu 14:00 Is $L^2$ Physics Informed Loss Always Suitable for Training Physics Informed Neural Network?
Chuwei Wang · Shanda Li · Di He · Liwei Wang
Wed 9:00 Neural Stochastic PDEs: Resolution-Invariant Learning of Continuous Spatiotemporal Dynamics
Cristopher Salvi · Maud Lemercier · Andris Gerasimovics
Wed 9:00 Riemannian Neural SDE: Learning Stochastic Representations on Manifolds
Sung Woo Park · Hyomin Kim · Kyungjae Lee · Junseok Kwon
M2N: Mesh Movement Networks for PDE Solvers
Wenbin Song · Mingrui Zhang · Joseph G Wallwork · Junpeng Gao · Zheng Tian · Fanglei Sun · Matthew Piggott · Junqing Chen · Zuoqiang Shi · Xiang Chen · Jun Wang
Tue 9:00 On the SDEs and Scaling Rules for Adaptive Gradient Algorithms
Sadhika Malladi · Kaifeng Lyu · Abhishek Panigrahi · Sanjeev Arora