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Wed 14:00 OccGen: Selection of Real-world Multilingual Parallel Data Balanced in Gender within Occupations
Marta Costa-jussà · Christine Basta · Oriol Domingo · André Rubungo
Thu 14:00 A Dataset for Efforts Towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of Safe Working Environments
Eirik Lund Flogard · Ole Jakob Mengshoel
Tue 9:00 Controllable 3D Face Synthesis with Conditional Generative Occupancy Fields
Keqiang Sun · Shangzhe Wu · Zhaoyang Huang · Ning Zhang · Quan Wang · Hongsheng Li
FOF: Learning Fourier Occupancy Field for Monocular Real-time Human Reconstruction
Qiao Feng · Yebin Liu · Yu-Kun Lai · Jingyu Yang · Kun Li
Policy Aware Model Learning via Transition Occupancy Matching
Jason Yecheng Ma · Kausik Sivakumar · Osbert Bastani · Dinesh Jayaraman