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Probing Classifiers are Unreliable for Concept Removal and Detection
Abhinav Kumar · Chenhao Tan · Amit Sharma
Tue 9:00 Adapting Self-Supervised Vision Transformers by Probing Attention-Conditioned Masking Consistency
Viraj Prabhu · Sriram Yenamandra · Aaditya Singh · Judy Hoffman
Tue 14:00 Multi-block-Single-probe Variance Reduced Estimator for Coupled Compositional Optimization
Wei Jiang · Gang Li · Yibo Wang · Lijun Zhang · Tianbao Yang
Thu 9:00 Cluster and Aggregate: Face Recognition with Large Probe Set
Minchul Kim · Feng Liu · Anil K Jain · Xiaoming Liu
Using Shannon Information to Probe the Precision of Synaptic Strengths
Mohammad Samavat · Tom Bartol · Kristen Harris · Terrence Sejnowski
Using domain-domain interactions to probe the limitations of MSA pairing strategies
Alex Hawkins-Hooker · David Jones · Brooks Paige
Probing Representations of Numbers in Vision and Language Models
Ivana Kajic · Aida Nematzadeh
Standards, tooling and benchmarks to probe representation learning on proteins
Joaquin Gomez Sanchez · Sebastian Franz · Michael Heinzinger · Burkhard Rost · Christian Dallago