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Tue 9:00 AZ-whiteness test: a test for signal uncorrelation on spatio-temporal graphs
Daniele Zambon · Cesare Alippi
Benefits of Overparameterized Convolutional Residual Networks: Function Approximation under Smoothness Constraint
Hao Liu · Minshuo Chen · Siawpeng Er · Wenjing Liao · Tong Zhang · Tuo Zhao
Tue 14:00 On Measuring Excess Capacity in Neural Networks
Florian Graf · Sebastian Zeng · Bastian Rieck · Marc Niethammer · Roland Kwitt
Stimulative Training of Residual Networks: A Social Psychology Perspective of Loafing
Peng Ye · Shengji Tang · Baopu Li · Tao Chen · Wanli Ouyang
Peptide-MHC Structure Prediction With Mixed Residue and Atom Graph Neural Network
Antoine Delaunay · Yunguan Fu · Alberto Bégué · Robert McHardy · Bachir Djermani · Liviu Copoiu · Michael Rooney · Andrey Tovchigrechko · Marcin Skwark · Nicolas Lopez Carranza · Maren Lang · Karim Beguir · Ugur Sahin
Residual Multiplicative Filter Networks for Multiscale Reconstruction
Shayan Shekarforoush · David Lindell · David Fleet · Marcus Brubaker
Wed 9:00 Do Residual Neural Networks discretize Neural Ordinary Differential Equations?
Michael Sander · Pierre Ablin · Gabriel Peyré
Thu 9:00 On global convergence of ResNets: From finite to infinite width using linear parameterization
Raphaël Barboni · Gabriel Peyré · Francois-Xavier Vialard