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Affinity Workshop
3D-LatentMapper: View Agnostic Single-View Reconstruction of 3D Shapes
Alara Dirik · Pinar Yanardag
Image to Icosahedral Projection for $\mathrm{SO}(3)$ Object Reasoning from Single-View Images
David Klee · Ondrej Biza · Robert Platt · Robin Walters
Wed 14:00 S-PIFu: Integrating Parametric Human Models with PIFu for Single-view Clothed Human Reconstruction
Kennard Chan · Guosheng Lin · Haiyu Zhao · Weisi Lin
Wed 9:00 Monocular Dynamic View Synthesis: A Reality Check
Hang Gao · Ruilong Li · Shubham Tulsiani · Bryan Russell · Angjoo Kanazawa
Wed 14:00 S$^3$-NeRF: Neural Reflectance Field from Shading and Shadow under a Single Viewpoint
Wenqi Yang · Guanying Chen · Chaofeng Chen · Zhenfang Chen · Kwan-Yee K. Wong
Using co-localization priors and microenvironment statistics to reconstruct tissue organization from single-cell data
Yitzchak Vaknin · Noa Moriel · Mor Nitzan
FOF: Learning Fourier Occupancy Field for Monocular Real-time Human Reconstruction
Qiao Feng · Yebin Liu · Yu-Kun Lai · Jingyu Yang · Kun Li
3D Reconstruction of Protein Complex Structures Using Synthesized Multi-View AFM Images
Jaydeep Rade · Soumik Sarkar · Anwesha Sarkar · Adarsh Krishnamurthy
Wed 14:00 3DILG: Irregular Latent Grids for 3D Generative Modeling
Biao Zhang · Matthias Niessner · Peter Wonka
Thu 9:00 SCONE: Surface Coverage Optimization in Unknown Environments by Volumetric Integration
Antoine Guedon · Pascal Monasse · Vincent Lepetit
Wed 14:00 HF-NeuS: Improved Surface Reconstruction Using High-Frequency Details
Yiqun Wang · Ivan Skorokhodov · Peter Wonka