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Tue 9:00 On the symmetries of the synchronization problem in Cryo-EM: Multi-Frequency Vector Diffusion Maps on the Projective Plane
Gabriele Cesa · Arash Behboodi · Taco Cohen · Max Welling
Tue 9:00 DiSC: Differential Spectral Clustering of Features
Ram Dyuthi Sristi · Gal Mishne · Ariel Jaffe
Wed 14:00 On the Spectral Bias of Convolutional Neural Tangent and Gaussian Process Kernels
Amnon Geifman · Meirav Galun · David Jacobs · Basri Ronen
Tue 14:00 A Spectral Approach to Item Response Theory
Duc Nguyen · Anderson Ye Zhang
Spectrum Guided Topology Augmentation for Graph Contrastive Learning
Lu Lin · Jinghui Chen · Hongning Wang
Revisiting Graph Contrastive Learning from the Perspective of Graph Spectrum
Nian Liu · Xiao Wang · Deyu Bo · Chuan Shi · Jian Pei