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Deep Combinatorial Aggregation
Yuesong Shen · Daniel Cremers
Affinity Workshop
Estimating Uncertainty in Safety-Critical Deep Learning Models
Oishi Deb
Ensemble based uncertainty estimation with overlapping alternative predictions
Dirk Eilers · Felippe Schmoeller Roza · Karsten Roscher
Generative Posterior Networks for Approximately Bayesian Epistemic Uncertainty Estimation
Melrose Roderick · Felix Berkenkamp · Fatemeh Sheikholeslami · J. Zico Kolter
Semantic Uncertainty: Linguistic Invariances for Uncertainty Estimation in Natural Language Generation
Lorenz Kuhn · Yarin Gal · Sebastian Farquhar
Tue 14:00 A Consistent and Differentiable Lp Canonical Calibration Error Estimator
Teodora Popordanoska · Raphael Sayer · Matthew Blaschko
Multivariate Prediction Intervals for Random Forests
Brendan Folie · Maxwell Hutchinson
Wed 14:00 Embed and Emulate: Learning to estimate parameters of dynamical systems with uncertainty quantification
Ruoxi Jiang · Rebecca Willett
Tue 14:00 Uncertainty Estimation for Multi-view Data: The Power of Seeing the Whole Picture
Myong Chol Jung · He Zhao · Joanna Dipnall · Belinda Gabbe · Lan Du
Tue 9:00 Uncertainty Estimation Using Riemannian Model Dynamics for Offline Reinforcement Learning
Guy Tennenholtz · Shie Mannor
Wed 9:00 Boosting Out-of-distribution Detection with Typical Features
Yao Zhu · YueFeng Chen · Chuanlong Xie · Xiaodan Li · Rong Zhang · Hui Xue' · Xiang Tian · bolun zheng · Yaowu Chen
Wed 9:00 Why So Pessimistic? Estimating Uncertainties for Offline RL through Ensembles, and Why Their Independence Matters
Kamyar Ghasemipour · Shixiang (Shane) Gu · Ofir Nachum