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Learning SimCLR Representations for Improving Melanoma Whole Slide Images Classification Model Generalization
Yang Jiang · Sean Grullon · Corey Chivers · Vaughn Spurrier · Jiayi Zhao · Julianna Ianni
Dual-Curriculum Contrastive Multi-Instance Learning for Cancer Prognosis Analysis with Whole Slide Images
CHAO TU · YU ZHANG · Zhenyuan Ning
Affinity Workshop
User-interactive, On-demand Cycle-GAN-Based Super Resolution and Focus Recovery on Whole Slide Images (WSI)
Huimin Zhuge · Brian Summa · J.Quincy Brown
Region of Interest Detection in Melanocytic Skin Tumor Whole Slide Images
Yi Cui · Yao Li · Jayson Miedema · Sherif Farag · J. S. Marron · Nancy Thomas
Wed 9:00 Bi-directional Weakly Supervised Knowledge Distillation for Whole Slide Image Classification
Linhao Qu · xiaoyuan luo · Manning Wang · Zhijian Song
SCL-WC: Cross-Slide Contrastive Learning for Weakly-Supervised Whole-Slide Image Classification
Xiyue Wang · Jinxi Xiang · Jun Zhang · Sen Yang · Zhongyi Yang · Ming-Hui Wang · Jing Zhang · Wei Yang · Junzhou Huang · Xiao Han