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Wed 14:00 Efficient Adversarial Training without Attacking: Worst-Case-Aware Robust Reinforcement Learning
Yongyuan Liang · Yanchao Sun · Ruijie Zheng · Furong Huang
Tue 9:00 Single Loop Gaussian Homotopy Method for Non-convex Optimization
Hidenori Iwakiri · Yuhang Wang · Shinji Ito · Akiko Takeda
Thu 9:00 Statistically Meaningful Approximation: a Case Study on Approximating Turing Machines with Transformers
Colin Wei · Yining Chen · Tengyu Ma
Tue 14:00 Confident Approximate Policy Iteration for Efficient Local Planning in $q^\pi$-realizable MDPs
Gellért Weisz · András György · Tadashi Kozuno · Csaba Szepesvari
Evaluating Worst Case Adversarial Weather Perturbations Robustness
Yihan Wang · Yunhao Ba · Howard Zhang · Huan Zhang · Achuta Kadambi · Stefano Soatto · Alex Wong · Cho-Jui Hsieh
Thu 14:00 Tight Lower Bounds on Worst-Case Guarantees for Zero-Shot Learning with Attributes
Alessio Mazzetto · Cristina Menghini · Andrew Yuan · Eli Upfal · Stephen Bach
Private Stochastic Optimization With Large Worst-Case Lipschitz Parameter: Optimal Rates for (Non-Smooth) Convex Losses & Extension to Non-Convex Losses
Andrew Lowy · Meisam Razaviyayn
Bitrate-Constrained DRO: Beyond Worst Case Robustness To Unknown Group Shifts
Amrith Setlur · Don Dennis · Benjamin Eysenbach · Aditi Raghunathan · Chelsea Finn · Virginia Smith · Sergey Levine
Wed 9:00 Max-Min Off-Policy Actor-Critic Method Focusing on Worst-Case Robustness to Model Misspecification
Takumi Tanabe · Rei Sato · Kazuto Fukuchi · Jun Sakuma · Youhei Akimoto