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Thu 10:15 Panel 5B-3: Leveraging Factored Action… & Skills Regularized Task…
Minjong Yoo · Shengpu Tang
Wed 9:00 Leveraging Factored Action Spaces for Efficient Offline Reinforcement Learning in Healthcare
Shengpu Tang · Maggie Makar · Michael Sjoding · Finale Doshi-Velez · Jenna Wiens
Fri 7:00 Efficient Planning in a Compact Latent Action Space
Affinity Workshop
Dual Channel Training of Large Action Spaces in Reinforcement Learning
Pranavi Pathakota · Hardik Meisheri · Harshad Khadilkar
Unsupervised learning of geometrical features from images by explicit group actions enforcement
Francesco Calisto · Luca Bottero · Valerio Pagliarino
Efficient Planning in a Compact Latent Action Space
zhengyao Jiang · Tianjun Zhang · Michael Janner · Yueying (Lisa) Li · Tim Rocktäschel · Edward Grefenstette · Yuandong Tian