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Sat 12:30 Invited Talk - Juan Lavista Ferres - Microsoft AI for Good
Juan Lavista Ferres
Wed 16:00 Gulf Coast AI
Nicholas Mattei
Wed 16:00 Women in AI Ignite
Anoush Najarian
Thu 16:00 Open Mic Night
John Dickerson
Why Robots Need Social Skills - Leila Takayama
Hamidreza Kasaei
Dwelling Type Classification for Disaster Risk Assessment Using Satellite Imagery
Md Nasir · Tina Sederholm · Anshu Sharma · Sumedh Ranjan Ghatage · Sundeep Reddy Mallu · Rahul Dodhia · Juan Lavista Ferres
Thu 9:00 KSD Aggregated Goodness-of-fit Test
Antonin Schrab · Benjamin Guedj · Arthur Gretton
Thu 16:00 Negotiation Workshop: Feel More Confident Negotiating Your Next Offer in AI
Nicole Bannon
Wed 16:00 Industry, Academia, and the In-Betweens
Robert Laurella · Sebastian Raschka
Learn to Select Good Examples with Reinforcement Learning for Semi-structured Mathematical Reasoning
Pan Lu · Liang Qiu · Kai-Wei Chang · Ying Nian Wu · Song-Chun Zhu · Tanmay Rajpurohit · Peter Clark · Ashwin Kalyan
Social Construction of XAI: Do We Need One Definition to Rule Them All?
Upol Ehsan · Mark Riedl
Tue 14:00 The Dollar Street Dataset: Images Representing the Geographic and Socioeconomic Diversity of the World
William Gaviria Rojas · Sudnya Diamos · Keertan Kini · David Kanter · Vijay Janapa Reddi · Cody Coleman