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Tue 14:00 EF-BV: A Unified Theory of Error Feedback and Variance Reduction Mechanisms for Biased and Unbiased Compression in Distributed Optimization
Laurent Condat · Kai Yi · Peter Richtarik
Towards Algorithmic Fairness in Space-Time: Filling in Black Holes
Cheryl Flynn · Aritra Guha · Subhabrata Majumdar · Divesh Srivastava · Zhengyi Zhou
Towards a genealogical approach to explaining algorithmic bias
Marta Ziosi
Addressing observational biases in algorithmic fairness assessments
Chirag Nagpal · Olawale Salaudeen · Sanmi Koyejo · Stephen Pfohl
Affinity Workshop
Que(e)rying the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Infectious Disease Surveillance: How to Ensure New Tools Do Not Perpetuate a Long History of Health Disparities Affecting LGBTQI+ Populations
Elise Racine
Exploring Human-AI Collaboration for Fair Algorithmic Hiring
Hyun Joo Shin · Anqi Liu
Asymptotic Behaviors of Projected Stochastic Approximation: A Jump Diffusion Perspective
Jiadong Liang · Yuze Han · Xiang Li · Zhihua Zhang
Tue 9:00 [Re] Exacerbating Algorithmic Bias through Fairness Attacks
Angelos Nalmpantis · Apostolos Panagiotopoulos · John Gkountouras · Konstantinos Papakostas
Thu 9:00 [Re] Exacerbating Algorithmic Bias through Fairness Attacks
Matteo Tafuro · Andrea Lombardo · Tin Hadži Veljković · Lasse Becker-Czarnetzki