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ViewFool: Evaluating the Robustness of Visual Recognition to Adversarial Viewpoints
Yinpeng Dong · Shouwei Ruan · Hang Su · Caixin Kang · Xingxing Wei · Jun Zhu
Wed 10:30 Panel 3C-7: MineDojo: Building Open-Ended… & Avalon: A Benchmark…
Linxi Fan · Joshua Albrecht
GAGA: Deciphering Age-path of Generalized Self-paced Regularizer
Xingyu Qu · Diyang Li · Xiaohan Zhao · Bin Gu
Thu 9:00 Neural Attentive Circuits
Martin Weiss · Nasim Rahaman · Francesco Locatello · Chris Pal · Yoshua Bengio · Bernhard Schölkopf · Erran Li Li · Nicolas Ballas
Despite "super-human" performance, current LLMs are unsuited for decisions about ethics and safety
Josh Albrecht · Ellie Kitanidis · Abraham Fetterman
Does Zero-Shot Reinforcement Learning Exist?
Ahmed Touati · Jérémy Rapin · Yann Ollivier
A General-Purpose Neural Architecture for Geospatial Systems
Martin Weiss · Nasim Rahaman · Frederik Träuble · Francesco Locatello · Alexandre Lacoste · Yoshua Bengio · Erran Li Li · Chris Pal · Bernhard Schölkopf
Wed 9:00 A Direct Approximation of AIXI Using Logical State Abstractions
Samuel Yang-Zhao · Tianyu Wang · Kee Siong Ng
Addressing Mistake Severity in Neural Networks with Semantic Knowledge
Victoria Helus · Nathan Vaska · Natalie Abreu
Affinity Workshop
Crop Recommendation for Precision Agriculture using Machine Learning techniques – Towards a More Sustainable Agriculture.
Damilola Adegoke
Affinity Workshop
Temporal Cycle Consistency: for a Video-to-Video Translation.
Kirubel Abebe Senbeto
Thu 14:00 PolarMix: A General Data Augmentation Technique for LiDAR Point Clouds
Aoran Xiao · Jiaxing Huang · Dayan Guan · Kaiwen Cui · Shijian Lu · Ling Shao