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Graph Neural Networks for Connectivity Inference in Spatially Patterned Neural Responses
Taehoon Park · JuHyeon Kim · DongHee Kang · Kijung Yoon
Wed 14:00 Translation-equivariant Representation in Recurrent Networks with a Continuous Manifold of Attractors
Wenhao Zhang · Ying Nian Wu · Si Wu
Adaptation Accelerating Sampling-based Bayesian Inference in Attractor Neural Networks
Xingsi Dong · Zilong Ji · Tianhao Chu · Tiejun Huang · Wenhao Zhang · Si Wu
Thu 14:00 On the difficulty of learning chaotic dynamics with RNNs
Jonas Mikhaeil · Zahra Monfared · Daniel Durstewitz
Tue 14:00 Kernel Memory Networks: A Unifying Framework for Memory Modeling
Georgios Iatropoulos · Johanni Brea · Wulfram Gerstner
Thu 14:00 Oscillatory Tracking of Continuous Attractor Neural Networks Account for Phase Precession and Procession of Hippocampal Place Cells
Tianhao Chu · Zilong Ji · Junfeng Zuo · Wenhao Zhang · Tiejun Huang · Yuanyuan Mi · Si Wu
Tue 9:00 Path Independent Equilibrium Models Can Better Exploit Test-Time Computation
Cem Anil · Ashwini Pokle · Kaiqu Liang · Johannes Treutlein · Yuhuai Wu · Shaojie Bai · J. Zico Kolter · Roger Grosse