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Tue 14:00 Decentralized Gossip-Based Stochastic Bilevel Optimization over Communication Networks
Shuoguang Yang · Xuezhou Zhang · Mengdi Wang
Wed 14:00 When is the Convergence Time of Langevin Algorithms Dimension Independent? A Composite Optimization Viewpoint
Yoav S Freund · Yi-An Ma · Tong Zhang
Thu 14:00 Optimal Gradient Sliding and its Application to Optimal Distributed Optimization Under Similarity
Dmitry Kovalev · Aleksandr Beznosikov · Ekaterina Borodich · Alexander Gasnikov · Gesualdo Scutari
Nonsmooth Composite Nonconvex-Concave Minimax Optimization
Jiajin Li · Linglingzhi Zhu · Anthony Man-Cho So
Tue 14:00 On the inability of Gaussian process regression to optimally learn compositional functions
Matteo Giordano · Kolyan Ray · Johannes Schmidt-Hieber
Tue 14:00 Fast Stochastic Composite Minimization and an Accelerated Frank-Wolfe Algorithm under Parallelization
Benjamin Dubois-Taine · Francis Bach · Quentin Berthet · Adrien Taylor
Tue 14:00 Multi-block-Single-probe Variance Reduced Estimator for Coupled Compositional Optimization
Wei Jiang · Gang Li · Yibo Wang · Lijun Zhang · Tianbao Yang
Tue 14:00 A Projection-free Algorithm for Constrained Stochastic Multi-level Composition Optimization
Tesi Xiao · Krishnakumar Balasubramanian · Saeed Ghadimi
A Pareto-optimal compositional energy-based model for sampling and optimization of protein sequences
NataĊĦa Tagasovska · Nathan Frey · Andreas Loukas · Isidro Hotzel · Julien Lafrance-Vanasse · Ryan Kelly · Yan Wu · Arvind Rajpal · Richard Bonneau · Kyunghyun Cho · Stephen Ra · Vladimir Gligorijevic