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Improving the Efficiency of the PC Algorithm by Using Model-Based Conditional Independence Tests
Erica Cai · Andrew McGregor · David Jensen
Thu 14:00 Independence Testing-Based Approach to Causal Discovery under Measurement Error and Linear Non-Gaussian Models
Haoyue Dai · Peter Spirtes · Kun Zhang
A deep learning approach to recover conditional independence graphs
Harsh Shrivastava · Urszula Chajewska · Robin Abraham · Xinshi Chen
Wed 9:00 Conditional Independence Testing with Heteroskedastic Data and Applications to Causal Discovery
Wiebke Günther · Urmi Ninad · Jonas Wahl · Jakob Runge
Out-of-Distribution Detection via Conditional Kernel Independence Model
Yu Wang · Jingjing Zou · Jingyang Lin · Qing Ling · Yingwei Pan · Ting Yao · Tao Mei
Using hierarchical variational autoencoders to incorporate conditional independent priors for paired single-cell multi-omics data integration
Ping-Han Hsieh · Ru-Xiu Hsiao · Tatiana Belova · Katalin Ferenc · Anthony Mathelier · Rebekka Burkholz · Chien-Yu Chen · Geir Kjetil Sandve · Marieke L Kuijjer
Tue 14:00 Independence Testing for Bounded Degree Bayesian Networks
Arnab Bhattacharyya · Clément L Canonne · Qiping Yang
Tue 9:00 Path Independent Equilibrium Models Can Better Exploit Test-Time Computation
Cem Anil · Ashwini Pokle · Kaiqu Liang · Johannes Treutlein · Yuhuai Wu · Shaojie Bai · J. Zico Kolter · Roger Grosse
Thu 9:00 A Conditional Randomization Test for Sparse Logistic Regression in High-Dimension
Binh T. Nguyen · Bertrand Thirion · Sylvain Arlot