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Wed 9:00 Off-Policy Evaluation with Deficient Support Using Side Information
Nicolò Felicioni · Maurizio Ferrari Dacrema · Marcello Restelli · Paolo Cremonesi
Thu 9:00 Lifting the Information Ratio: An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Thompson Sampling for Contextual Bandits
Gergely Neu · Iuliia Olkhovskaia · Matteo Papini · Ludovic Schwartz
Wed 14:00 Instance-optimal PAC Algorithms for Contextual Bandits
Zhaoqi Li · Lillian Ratliff · houssam nassif · Kevin Jamieson · Lalit Jain
Tue 9:00 Scalable Representation Learning in Linear Contextual Bandits with Constant Regret Guarantees
Andrea Tirinzoni · Matteo Papini · Ahmed Touati · Alessandro Lazaric · Matteo Pirotta
Tue 14:00 Nearly Optimal Algorithms for Linear Contextual Bandits with Adversarial Corruptions
Jiafan He · Dongruo Zhou · Tong Zhang · Quanquan Gu
Wed 14:00 A Simple and Provably Efficient Algorithm for Asynchronous Federated Contextual Linear Bandits
Jiafan He · Tianhao Wang · Yifei Min · Quanquan Gu
Tue 9:00 Group Meritocratic Fairness in Linear Contextual Bandits
Riccardo Grazzi · Arya Akhavan · John IF Falk · Leonardo Cella · Massimiliano Pontil
Wed 14:00 Interaction-Grounded Learning with Action-Inclusive Feedback
Tengyang Xie · Akanksha Saran · Dylan J Foster · Lekan Molu · Ida Momennejad · Nan Jiang · Paul Mineiro · John Langford
Contextual Bandits with Knapsacks for a Conversion Model
Zhen LI · Gilles Stoltz
Thu 9:00 Factored DRO: Factored Distributionally Robust Policies for Contextual Bandits
Tong Mu · Yash Chandak · Tatsunori Hashimoto · Emma Brunskill
Thu 9:00 Tsetlin Machine for Solving Contextual Bandit Problems
Raihan Seraj · Jivitesh Sharma · Ole-Christoffer Granmo
Strategy-Aware Contextual Bandits
Keegan Harris · Chara Podimata · Steven Wu