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Wed 14:00 Neural Differential Equations for Learning to Program Neural Nets Through Continuous Learning Rules
Kazuki Irie · Francesco Faccio · J├╝rgen Schmidhuber
Sat 8:00 Q&A Causal and graphical models for continuous-time event data
Affinity Workshop
Probabilistic Querying of Continuous-Time Sequential Events
Alex Boyd · Yuxin Chang · Stephan Mandt · Padhraic Smyth
Wed 14:00 Thompson Sampling Efficiently Learns to Control Diffusion Processes
Mohamad Kazem Shirani Faradonbeh · Mohamad Sadegh Shirani Faradonbeh · Mohsen Bayati
Sat 7:05 Towards Markov Properties for Continuous-Time Dynamical Systems - Joris Mooij
Joris Mooij
Sat 7:35 Causal and graphical models for continuous-time event data
Vanessa Didelez
Thu 9:00 Toward Equation of Motion for Deep Neural Networks: Continuous-time Gradient Descent and Discretization Error Analysis
Taiki Miyagawa
Thu 9:00 Neural Temporal Walks: Motif-Aware Representation Learning on Continuous-Time Dynamic Graphs
Ming Jin · Yuan-Fang Li · Shirui Pan
Thu 9:00 Extrapolative Continuous-time Bayesian Neural Network for Fast Training-free Test-time Adaptation
Hengguan Huang · Xiangming Gu · Hao Wang · Chang Xiao · Hongfu Liu · Ye Wang
Wed 14:00 Forward-Backward Latent State Inference for Hidden Continuous-Time semi-Markov Chains
Nicolai Engelmann · Heinz Koeppl
Tue 9:00 Anytime-Valid Inference For Multinomial Count Data
Michael Lindon · Alan Malek
Thu 9:00 The Stability-Efficiency Dilemma: Investigating Sequence Length Warmup for Training GPT Models
Conglong Li · Minjia Zhang · Yuxiong He