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Fri 1:40 FQDet: Fast-converging Query-based Detector
Cédric Picron · Punarjay Chakravarty · Tinne Tuytelaars
Thu 14:00 Sharper Convergence Guarantees for Asynchronous SGD for Distributed and Federated Learning
Anastasiia Koloskova · Sebastian Stich · Martin Jaggi
Tue 9:00 Global Convergence of Federated Learning for Mixed Regression
Lili Su · Jiaming Xu · Pengkun Yang
Tue 9:00 Dynamics of SGD with Stochastic Polyak Stepsizes: Truly Adaptive Variants and Convergence to Exact Solution
Antonio Orvieto · Simon Lacoste-Julien · Nicolas Loizou
Wed 9:00 Revisit last-iterate convergence of mSGD under milder requirement on step size
ruinan Jin · Xingkang He · Lang Chen · Difei Cheng · Vijay Gupta
Tue 9:00 Last-Iterate Convergence of Optimistic Gradient Method for Monotone Variational Inequalities
Eduard Gorbunov · Adrien Taylor · Gauthier Gidel
Wed 14:00 Generalization Analysis of Message Passing Neural Networks on Large Random Graphs
Sohir Maskey · Ron Levie · Yunseok Lee · Gitta Kutyniok
Wed 9:00 Policy Optimization for Markov Games: Unified Framework and Faster Convergence
Runyu Zhang · Qinghua Liu · Huan Wang · Caiming Xiong · Na Li · Yu Bai
Tue 9:00 On the Global Convergence Rates of Decentralized Softmax Gradient Play in Markov Potential Games
Runyu Zhang · Jincheng Mei · Bo Dai · Dale Schuurmans · Na Li
Thu 9:00 Acceleration in Distributed Sparse Regression
Marie Maros · Gesualdo Scutari
Wed 14:00 Deep Architecture Connectivity Matters for Its Convergence: A Fine-Grained Analysis
Wuyang Chen · Wei Huang · Xinyu Gong · Boris Hanin · Zhangyang Wang
Thu 9:00 On global convergence of ResNets: From finite to infinite width using linear parameterization
Raphaël Barboni · Gabriel Peyré · Francois-Xavier Vialard