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Tue 14:00 Conformal Prediction with Temporal Quantile Adjustments
Zhen Lin · Shubhendu Trivedi · Jimeng Sun
On the Implicit Geometry of Cross-Entropy Parameterizations for Label-Imbalanced Data
Tina Behnia · Ganesh Ramachandra Kini · Vala Vakilian · Christos Thrampoulidis
Thu 9:00 A Consolidated Cross-Validation Algorithm for Support Vector Machines via Data Reduction
Boxiang Wang · Archer Yang
Tue 9:00 What Makes a "Good" Data Augmentation in Knowledge Distillation - A Statistical Perspective
Huan Wang · Suhas Lohit · Michael Jones · Yun Fu
Thu 14:00 The Effects of Regularization and Data Augmentation are Class Dependent
Randall Balestriero · Leon Bottou · Yann LeCun