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Deep Combinatorial Aggregation
Yuesong Shen · Daniel Cremers
Wed 14:00 Neural Set Function Extensions: Learning with Discrete Functions in High Dimensions
Nikolaos Karalias · Joshua Robinson · Andreas Loukas · Stefanie Jegelka
Tue 9:00 A Unified Framework for Deep Symbolic Regression
Mikel Landajuela · Chak Shing Lee · Jiachen Yang · Ruben Glatt · Claudio P Santiago · Ignacio Aravena · Terrell Mundhenk · Garrett Mulcahy · Brenden K Petersen
Thu 9:00 Beyond Time-Average Convergence: Near-Optimal Uncoupled Online Learning via Clairvoyant Multiplicative Weights Update
Georgios Piliouras · Ryann Sim · Stratis Skoulakis
Thu 14:00 Diverse Weight Averaging for Out-of-Distribution Generalization
Alexandre Rame · Matthieu Kirchmeyer · Thibaud Rahier · Alain Rakotomamonjy · Patrick Gallinari · Matthieu Cord
Wed 14:00 AirfRANS: High Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics Dataset for Approximating Reynolds-Averaged Navier–Stokes Solutions
Florent Bonnet · Jocelyn Mazari · Paola Cinnella · Patrick Gallinari
Tue 14:00 Merging Models with Fisher-Weighted Averaging
Michael S Matena · Colin Raffel
Stop Wasting My Time! Saving Days of ImageNet and BERT Training with Latest Weight Averaging
Jean Kaddour
Pre-train, fine-tune, interpolate: a three-stage strategy for domain generalization
Alexandre Rame · Jianyu Zhang · Leon Bottou · David Lopez-Paz