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Personalized Multi-tier Federated Learning
Sourasekhar Banerjee · Alp Yurtsever · Monowar Bhuyan
Tue 14:00 A Coupled Design of Exploiting Record Similarity for Practical Vertical Federated Learning
Zhaomin Wu · Qinbin Li · Bingsheng He
On the Vulnerability of Backdoor Defenses for Federated Learning
Pei Fang · Jinghui Chen
Fri 7:30 Sanjeev Arora on Using Interpolation to provide privacy in Federated Learning settings
Client-Private Secure Aggregation for Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning
Parker Newton · Olivia Choudhury · Bill Horne · Vidya Ravipati · Divya Bhargavi · Ujjwal Ratan
Affinity Workshop
Privacy-Preserving Online Mirror Descent With Single-Sided Trust for Federated Learning
Olusola Odeyomi · Gergely Zaruba
Affinity Workshop
Towards Private and Fair Federated Learning
Sikha Pentyala · Nicola Neophytou · Anderson Nascimento · Martine De Cock · Golnoosh Farnadi
PersA-FL: Personalized Asynchronous Federated Learning
M. Taha Toghani · Soomin Lee · Cesar Uribe
CalFAT: Calibrated Federated Adversarial Training with Label Skewness
Chen Chen · Yuchen Liu · Xingjun Ma · Lingjuan Lyu
Expo Demonstration
Mon 8:00 Practical Deployment of Secure Federated Learning: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions
Yi Zhou · Nathalie Baracaldo
Tue 9:00 SemiFL: Semi-Supervised Federated Learning for Unlabeled Clients with Alternate Training
Enmao Diao · Jie Ding · Vahid Tarokh
Wed 9:00 A Communication-efficient Algorithm with Linear Convergence for Federated Minimax Learning
Zhenyu Sun · Ermin Wei