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Wed 14:00 FIRE: Semantic Field of Words Represented as Non-Linear Functions
Xin Du · Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii
Wed 14:00 On Non-Linear operators for Geometric Deep Learning
GrĂ©goire Sergeant-Perthuis · Jakob Maier · Joan Bruna · Edouard Oyallon
Affinity Workshop
Model Averaging to Learn Bayesian Network Structures with Non-Linear Structured Representations
Charupriya Sharma
Wed 9:00 On the Statistical Efficiency of Reward-Free Exploration in Non-Linear RL
Jinglin Chen · Aditya Modi · Akshay Krishnamurthy · Nan Jiang · Alekh Agarwal
Tue 9:00 Non-Linear Coordination Graphs
Yipeng Kang · Tonghan Wang · Qianlan Yang · Xiaoran Wu · Chongjie Zhang
Wed 9:00 Understanding Non-linearity in Graph Neural Networks from the Bayesian-Inference Perspective
Rongzhe Wei · Haoteng YIN · Junteng Jia · Austin Benson · Pan Li
Wed 14:00 Decomposable Non-Smooth Convex Optimization with Nearly-Linear Gradient Oracle Complexity
Sally Dong · Haotian Jiang · Yin Tat Lee · Swati Padmanabhan · Guanghao Ye
Thu 14:00 Efficient and Near-Optimal Smoothed Online Learning for Generalized Linear Functions
Adam Block · Max Simchowitz
On the role of overparameterization in off-policy Temporal Difference learning with linear function approximation
Valentin Thomas
Non-exchangeability in Infinite Switching Linear Dynamical Systems
Victor Geadah · Jonathan Pillow
Tue 14:00 On the Effective Number of Linear Regions in Shallow Univariate ReLU Networks: Convergence Guarantees and Implicit Bias
Itay Safran · Gal Vardi · Jason Lee
Wed 9:00 Optimal Dynamic Regret in LQR Control
Dheeraj Baby · Yu-Xiang Wang