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Thu 14:00 Generalization for multiclass classification with overparameterized linear models
Vignesh Subramanian · Rahul Arya · Anant Sahai
Statistical and Computational Complexities of BFGS Quasi-Newton Method for Generalized Linear Models
Qiujiang Jin · Aryan Mokhtari · Nhat Ho · Tongzheng Ren
Affinity Workshop
Model Averaging to Learn Bayesian Network Structures with Non-Linear Structured Representations
Charupriya Sharma
Tue 9:00 Communication Efficient Federated Learning for Generalized Linear Bandits
Chuanhao Li · Hongning Wang
Thu 14:00 Trimmed Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Robust Generalized Linear Model
Pranjal Awasthi · Abhimanyu Das · Weihao Kong · Rajat Sen
Thu 14:00 Provably Efficient Model-Free Constrained RL with Linear Function Approximation
Arnob Ghosh · Xingyu Zhou · Ness Shroff
Thu 14:00 A Non-Asymptotic Moreau Envelope Theory for High-Dimensional Generalized Linear Models
Lijia Zhou · Frederic Koehler · Pragya Sur · Danica J. Sutherland · Nati Srebro
Tue 14:00 Causal Inference with Non-IID Data using Linear Graphical Models
Chi Zhang · Karthika Mohan · Judea Pearl
Thu 9:00 Multitasking Models are Robust to Structural Failure: A Neural Model for Bilingual Cognitive Reserve
Giannis Daras · Negin Raoof · Zoi Gkalitsiou · Alex Dimakis
Blind Drifting: Diffusion models with a linear SDE drift term for blind image restoration tasks
Simon Welker · Henry Chapman · Timo Gerkmann
Bayesian Sequential Experimental Design for a Partially Linear Model with a Gaussian Process Prior
Shunsuke Horii
Wed 9:00 Best of Both Worlds Model Selection
Aldo Pacchiano · Christoph Dann · Claudio Gentile