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Thu 9:00 Instance-Based Uncertainty Estimation for Gradient-Boosted Regression Trees
Jonathan Brophy · Daniel Lowd
Feature Encodings for Gradient Boosting with Automunge
Nicholas Teague
High-Order Optimization of Gradient Boosted Decision Trees
Jean Pachebat · Sergey IVANOV
Tue 9:00 Unifying and Boosting Gradient-Based Training-Free Neural Architecture Search
YAO SHU · Zhongxiang Dai · Zhaoxuan Wu · Bryan Kian Hsiang Low
Quantized Training of Gradient Boosting Decision Trees
Yu Shi · Guolin Ke · Zhuoming Chen · Shuxin Zheng · Tie-Yan Liu
Wed 9:00 Subgroup Robustness Grows On Trees: An Empirical Baseline Investigation
Josh Gardner · Zoran Popovic · Ludwig Schmidt
Differentially Private Gradient Boosting on Linear Learners for Tabular Data
Saeyoung Rho · Shuai Tang · Sergul Aydore · Michael Kearns · Aaron Roth · Yu-Xiang Wang · Steven Wu · Cedric Archambeau
Affinity Workshop
Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Network and Gradient Boosting Methods for Bug Severity Classification
Aminu Ahmad
Thu 9:00 SketchBoost: Fast Gradient Boosted Decision Tree for Multioutput Problems
Leonid Iosipoi · Anton Vakhrushev