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Towards Hard-pose Virtual Try-on via 3D-aware Global Correspondence Learning
Zaiyu Huang · Hanhui Li · Zhenyu Xie · Michael Kampffmeyer · qingling Cai · Xiaodan Liang
Wed 9:00 Blackbox Attacks via Surrogate Ensemble Search
Zikui Cai · Chengyu Song · Srikanth Krishnamurthy · Amit Roy-Chowdhury · Salman Asif
Generating physically-consistent high-resolution climate data with hard-constrained neural networks
Paula Harder · Qidong Yang · Venkatesh Ramesh · Prasanna Sattigeri · Alex Hernandez-Garcia · Campbell Watson · Daniela Szwarcman · David Rolnick
A Unified Hard-Constraint Framework for Solving Geometrically Complex PDEs
Songming Liu · Hao Zhongkai · Chengyang Ying · Hang Su · Jun Zhu · Ze Cheng
The (Un)Scalability of Heuristic Approximators for NP-Hard Search Problems
Sumedh Dattaguru Pendurkar · Taoan Huang · Sven Koenig · Guni Sharon
Wed 14:00 Zeroth-Order Hard-Thresholding: Gradient Error vs. Expansivity
William de Vazelhes · Hualin Zhang · Huimin Wu · Xiaotong Yuan · Bin Gu
Thu 9:00 Learning NP-Hard Multi-Agent Assignment Planning using GNN: Inference on a Random Graph and Provable Auction-Fitted Q-learning
HYUNWOOK KANG · Taehwan Kwon · Jinkyoo Park · James R. Morrison
Wed 14:00 Algorithms and Hardness for Learning Linear Thresholds from Label Proportions
Rishi Saket
Tue 9:00 Learning (Very) Simple Generative Models Is Hard
Sitan Chen · Jerry Li · Yuanzhi Li
Wed 9:00 FeLMi : Few shot Learning with hard Mixup
Aniket Roy · Anshul Shah · Ketul Shah · Prithviraj Dhar · Anoop Cherian · Rama Chellappa
Wed 14:00 Hardness in Markov Decision Processes: Theory and Practice
Michelangelo Conserva · Paulo Rauber
Tue 10:45 Panel 1A-4: Hardness of Noise-Free… & Adversarially Robust Learning:…
Aravind Gollakota · Omar Montasser