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Wed 9:00 Beyond Real-world Benchmark Datasets: An Empirical Study of Node Classification with GNNs
Seiji Maekawa · Koki Noda · Yuya Sasaki · makoto onizuka
Thu 14:00 Revisiting Heterophily For Graph Neural Networks
Sitao Luan · Chenqing Hua · Qincheng Lu · Jiaqi Zhu · Mingde Zhao · Shuyuan Zhang · Xiao-Wen Chang · Doina Precup
Thu 14:00 Neural Sheaf Diffusion: A Topological Perspective on Heterophily and Oversmoothing in GNNs
Cristian Bodnar · Francesco Di Giovanni · Benjamin Chamberlain · Pietro LiĆ³ · Michael Bronstein
Thu 9:00 Simplified Graph Convolution with Heterophily
Sudhanshu Chanpuriya · Cameron Musco
GLINKX: A Unified Framework for Large-scale Homophilous and Heterophilous Graphs
Marios Papachristou · Rishab Goel · Frank Portman · Matthew Miller · Rong Jin
Complete the Missing Half: Augmenting Aggregation Filtering with Diversification for Graph Convolutional Networks
Sitao Luan · Mingde Zhao · Chenqing Hua · Xiao-Wen Chang · Doina Precup