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Tue 17:45 Panel 2A-2: VaiPhy: a Variational… & Non-identifiability and the…
Oskar Kviman · Eli Weinstein
Wed 14:00 Non-identifiability and the Blessings of Misspecification in Models of Molecular Fitness
Eli Weinstein · Alan Amin · Jonathan Frazer · Debora Marks
Tue 9:00 Temporally Disentangled Representation Learning
Weiran Yao · Guangyi Chen · Kun Zhang
Wed 9:00 Identifiability of deep generative models without auxiliary information
Bohdan Kivva · Goutham Rajendran · Pradeep Ravikumar · Bryon Aragam
Thu 9:00 Identifiability and generalizability from multiple experts in Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Paul Rolland · Luca Viano · Norman Schürhoff · Boris Nikolov · Volkan Cevher
Thu 14:00 Are Two Heads the Same as One? Identifying Disparate Treatment in Fair Neural Networks
Michael Lohaus · Matthäus Kleindessner · Krishnaram Kenthapadi · Francesco Locatello · Chris Russell
Tue 9:00 Function Classes for Identifiable Nonlinear Independent Component Analysis
Simon Buchholz · Michel Besserve · Bernhard Schölkopf
Wed 9:00 Local Identifiability of Deep ReLU Neural Networks: the Theory
Joachim Bona-Pellissier · François Malgouyres · Francois Bachoc
Tue 14:00 Anticipating Performativity by Predicting from Predictions
Celestine Mendler-Dünner · Frances Ding · Yixin Wang
Thu 14:00 Identifying good directions to escape the NTK regime and efficiently learn low-degree plus sparse polynomials
Eshaan Nichani · Yu Bai · Jason Lee
Thu 14:00 Autoregressive Search Engines: Generating Substrings as Document Identifiers
Michele Bevilacqua · Giuseppe Ottaviano · Patrick Lewis · Scott Yih · Sebastian Riedel · Fabio Petroni
Wed 9:00 Masked Prediction: A Parameter Identifiability View
Bingbin Liu · Daniel Hsu · Pradeep Ravikumar · Andrej Risteski