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Posted Pricing and Dynamic Prior-independent Mechanisms with Value Maximizers
Yuan Deng · Vahab Mirrokni · Hanrui Zhang
Tue 9:00 On the Effect of Pre-training for Transformer in Different Modality on Offline Reinforcement Learning
Shiro Takagi
Explicitly Nonlinear Connectivity-Matrix Independent Component Analysis in Resting fMRI Data
Sara Motlaghian
Tue 9:00 Function Classes for Identifiable Nonlinear Independent Component Analysis
Simon Buchholz · Michel Besserve · Bernhard Schölkopf
Tue 14:00 Embrace the Gap: VAEs Perform Independent Mechanism Analysis
Patrik Reizinger · Luigi Gresele · Jack Brady · Julius von Kügelgen · Dominik Zietlow · Bernhard Schölkopf · Georg Martius · Wieland Brendel · Michel Besserve
Thu 9:00 Continuous Deep Q-Learning in Optimal Control Problems: Normalized Advantage Functions Analysis
Anton Plaksin · Stepan Martyanov
Wed 9:00 PhysGNN: A Physics--Driven Graph Neural Network Based Model for Predicting Soft Tissue Deformation in Image--Guided Neurosurgery
Yasmin Salehi · Dennis Giannacopoulos