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Tue 9:00 Interpreting Operation Selection in Differentiable Architecture Search: A Perspective from Influence-Directed Explanations
Miao Zhang · Wei Huang · Bin Yang
Debugging and Explaining Metric Learning Approaches: An Influence Function Based Perspective
Ruofan Liu · Yun Lin · XIANGLIN YANG · Jin Song Dong
Tue 14:00 JAWS: Auditing Predictive Uncertainty Under Covariate Shift
Drew Prinster · Anqi Liu · Suchi Saria
Wed 9:00 Understanding Programmatic Weak Supervision via Source-aware Influence Function
Jieyu Zhang · Haonan Wang · Cheng-Yu Hsieh · Alexander Ratner
Wed 9:00 If Influence Functions are the Answer, Then What is the Question?
Juhan Bae · Nathan Ng · Alston Lo · Marzyeh Ghassemi · Roger Grosse
Tue 9:00 Empirical Gateaux Derivatives for Causal Inference
Michael Jordan · Yixin Wang · Angela Zhou
Tue 9:00 Fair Infinitesimal Jackknife: Mitigating the Influence of Biased Training Data Points Without Refitting
Prasanna Sattigeri · Soumya Ghosh · Inkit Padhi · Pierre Dognin · Kush Varshney