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Tue 18:45 Panel 2A-4: Uncoupled Learning Dynamics… & Finite-Time Last-Iterate Convergence…
Yang Cai · Ioannis Anagnostides
Tue 9:00 Differentially Private Learning Needs Hidden State (Or Much Faster Convergence)
Jiayuan Ye · Reza Shokri
Tue 9:00 Finite-Time Last-Iterate Convergence for Learning in Multi-Player Games
Yang Cai · Argyris Oikonomou · Weiqiang Zheng
Tue 9:00 Last-Iterate Convergence of Optimistic Gradient Method for Monotone Variational Inequalities
Eduard Gorbunov · Adrien Taylor · Gauthier Gidel
Wed 9:00 Revisit last-iterate convergence of mSGD under milder requirement on step size
ruinan Jin · Xingkang He · Lang Chen · Difei Cheng · Vijay Gupta
Thu 14:00 Stochastic Halpern Iteration with Variance Reduction for Stochastic Monotone Inclusions
Xufeng Cai · Chaobing Song · Cristóbal Guzmán · Jelena Diakonikolas
Wed 9:00 Global Linear and Local Superlinear Convergence of IRLS for Non-Smooth Robust Regression
Liangzu Peng · Christian Kümmerle · Rene Vidal