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Pyrocast: a Machine Learning Pipeline to Forecast Pyrocumulonimbus (PyroCb) clouds
Kenza Tazi
Honest Students from Untrusted Teachers: Learning an Interpretable Question-Answering Pipeline from a Pretrained Language Model
Jacob Eisenstein · Daniel Andor · Bernd Bohnet · Michael Collins · David Mimno
Fri 3:50 Continual learning on deployment pipelines for Machine Learning Systems
Li Qiang · Chongyu Zhang
Tue 9:00 Data-Efficient Pipeline for Offline Reinforcement Learning with Limited Data
Allen Nie · Yannis Flet-Berliac · Deon Jordan · William Steenbergen · Emma Brunskill
Physical Data Models in Machine Learning Imaging Pipelines
Marco Aversa · Luis Oala · Christoph Clausen · Roderick Murray-Smith · Bruno Sanguinetti
Sat 7:15 Contributed talk: Marco Aversa, "Physical Data Models in Machine Learning Imaging Pipelines"
Marco Aversa · Siddharth Mishra-Sharma
Tue 9:00 ActionSense: A Multimodal Dataset and Recording Framework for Human Activities Using Wearable Sensors in a Kitchen Environment
Joseph DelPreto · Chao Liu · Yiyue Luo · Michael Foshey · Yunzhu Li · Antonio Torralba · Wojciech Matusik · Daniela Rus