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LSGANs with Gradient Regularizers are Smooth High-dimensional Interpolators
Siddarth Asokan · Chandra Seelamantula
Wed 9:00 Global Linear and Local Superlinear Convergence of IRLS for Non-Smooth Robust Regression
Liangzu Peng · Christian K├╝mmerle · Rene Vidal
Efficient Variational Gaussian Processes Initialization via Kernel-based Least Squares Fitting
Xinran Zhu · David Bindel · Jacob Gardner
Fused Orthogonal Alternating Least Squares for Tensor Clustering
Jiacheng Wang · Dan Nicolae
Thu 9:00 Implicit Regularization or Implicit Conditioning? Exact Risk Trajectories of SGD in High Dimensions
Courtney Paquette · Elliot Paquette · Ben Adlam · Jeffrey Pennington
Wed 9:00 Risk Bounds of Multi-Pass SGD for Least Squares in the Interpolation Regime
Difan Zou · Jingfeng Wu · Vladimir Braverman · Quanquan Gu · Sham Kakade
Thu 14:00 A Fast Scale-Invariant Algorithm for Non-negative Least Squares with Non-negative Data
Jelena Diakonikolas · Chenghui Li · Swati Padmanabhan · Chaobing Song
Tue 9:00 Theseus: A Library for Differentiable Nonlinear Optimization
Luis Pineda · Taosha Fan · Maurizio Monge · Shobha Venkataraman · Paloma Sodhi · Ricky T. Q. Chen · Joseph Ortiz · Daniel DeTone · Austin Wang · Stuart Anderson · Jing Dong · Brandon Amos · Mustafa Mukadam