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Affinity Workshop
Model Averaging to Learn Bayesian Network Structures with Non-Linear Structured Representations
Charupriya Sharma
Wed 9:00 Understanding Non-linearity in Graph Neural Networks from the Bayesian-Inference Perspective
Rongzhe Wei · Haoteng YIN · Junteng Jia · Austin Benson · Pan Li
Tue 14:00 On the Effective Number of Linear Regions in Shallow Univariate ReLU Networks: Convergence Guarantees and Implicit Bias
Itay Safran · Gal Vardi · Jason Lee
Thu 9:00 On global convergence of ResNets: From finite to infinite width using linear parameterization
Raphaël Barboni · Gabriel Peyré · Francois-Xavier Vialard
Tue 9:00 Exact learning dynamics of deep linear networks with prior knowledge
Lukas Braun · Clémentine Dominé · James Fitzgerald · Andrew Saxe
Thu 9:00 Improved Bounds on Neural Complexity for Representing Piecewise Linear Functions
Kuan-Lin Chen · Harinath Garudadri · Bhaskar D Rao
Tue 9:00 Understanding Deep Contrastive Learning via Coordinate-wise Optimization
Yuandong Tian
Evaluating Error Bound for Physics-Informed Neural Networks on Linear Dynamical Systems
Shuheng Liu · Xiyue Huang · Pavlos Protopapas
Wed 9:00 Globally Gated Deep Linear Networks
Qianyi Li · Haim Sompolinsky
Wed 9:00 Cost-efficient Gaussian tensor network embeddings for tensor-structured inputs
Linjian Ma · Edgar Solomonik
Tue 14:00 Learning dynamics of deep linear networks with multiple pathways
Jianghong Shi · Eric Shea-Brown · Michael Buice
Thu 14:00 Transition to Linearity of General Neural Networks with Directed Acyclic Graph Architecture
Libin Zhu · Chaoyue Liu · Misha Belkin