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Wed 14:00 On the Sample Complexity of Stabilizing LTI Systems on a Single Trajectory
Yang Hu · Adam Wierman · Guannan Qu
Thu 9:00 Minimax Regret for Cascading Bandits
Daniel Vial · Sujay Sanghavi · Sanjay Shakkottai · R. Srikant
Provable Generalization of Overparameterized Meta-learning Trained with SGD
Yu Huang · Yingbin Liang · Longbo Huang
Wed 14:00 Learning-Augmented Algorithms for Online Linear and Semidefinite Programming
Elena Grigorescu · Young-San Lin · Sandeep Silwal · Maoyuan Song · Samson Zhou
Affinity Workshop
Model Averaging to Learn Bayesian Network Structures with Non-Linear Structured Representations
Charupriya Sharma
Wed 14:00 On Non-Linear operators for Geometric Deep Learning
Grégoire Sergeant-Perthuis · Jakob Maier · Joan Bruna · Edouard Oyallon
Tue 9:00 Non-Linear Coordination Graphs
Yipeng Kang · Tonghan Wang · Qianlan Yang · Xiaoran Wu · Chongjie Zhang
Wed 9:00 On the Statistical Efficiency of Reward-Free Exploration in Non-Linear RL
Jinglin Chen · Aditya Modi · Akshay Krishnamurthy · Nan Jiang · Alekh Agarwal
Tue 14:00 Learning dynamics of deep linear networks with multiple pathways
Jianghong Shi · Eric Shea-Brown · Michael Buice
Tue 9:00 Exact learning dynamics of deep linear networks with prior knowledge
Lukas Braun · Clémentine Dominé · James Fitzgerald · Andrew Saxe
Wed 14:00 Constraining Gaussian Processes to Systems of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
Andreas Besginow · Markus Lange-Hegermann
Thu 9:00 Differentially Private Generalized Linear Models Revisited
Raman Arora · Raef Bassily · Cristóbal Guzmán · Michael Menart · Enayat Ullah