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Thu 9:00 DevFly: Bio-Inspired Development of Binary Connections for Locality Preserving Sparse Codes
Tianqi Wei · Rana Alkhoury Maroun · Qinghai Guo · Barbara Webb
Tue 14:00 Local-Global MCMC kernels: the best of both worlds
Sergey Samsonov · Evgeny Lagutin · Marylou GabriĆ© · Alain Durmus · Alexey Naumov · Eric Moulines
Falconn++: A Locality-sensitive Filtering Approach for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
Ninh Pham · Tao Liu
Machine learning emulation of a local-scale UK climate model
Henry Addison · Elizabeth Kendon · Suman Ravuri · Peter Watson · Laurence Aitchison
Causal Discovery in Time Series Data Using Causally Invariant Locally Linear Models
Alexander Mey
Replay Buffer With Local Forgetting for Adaptive Deep Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Ali Rahimi-Kalahroudi · Janarthanan Rajendran · Ida Momennejad · Harm Van Seijen · Sarath Chandar
Fri 7:40 Federated Learning with Online Adaptive Heterogeneous Local Models
Hanhan Zhou · Tian Lan · Guru Prasadh Venkataramani · Wenbo Ding
Graph Attention for Spatial Prediction
Corban Rivera · Ryan Gardner
Affinity Workshop
Mon 9:00 Contributed talk (Pascale Gourdeau) - When are Local Queries Useful for Robust Learning?
Pascale Gourdeau
Affinity Workshop
Mon 7:10 Contributed talk (Taiwo Kolajo) - "Pre-processing of Social Media Feeds based on Integrated Local Knowledge Base"
Taiwo Kolajo
Fri 9:45 Local Causal Discovery for Estimating Causal Effects
Shantanu Gupta · David Childers · Zachary Lipton
Improving Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction with Structural Prediction & Graph Neural Networks
Geoffroy Dubourg-Felonneau · Arash Abbasi · Eyal Akiva · Lawrence Lee