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Tue 14:00 Sequencer: Deep LSTM for Image Classification
Yuki Tatsunami · Masato Taki
Affinity Workshop
Delirium Prediction using Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) in the Electronic Health Record
Siru Liu · Joseph Schlesinger · Allison McCoy · Thomas Reese · Bryan Steitz · Elise Russo · Adam Wright
Characterizing Verbatim Short-Term Memory in Neural Language Models
Kristijan Armeni · Christopher J Honey · Tal Linzen
Evaluating Long-Term Memory in 3D Mazes
Jurgis Pašukonis · Timothy Lillicrap · Danijar Hafner
Learning to Control Rapidly Changing Synaptic Connections: An Alternative Type of Memory in Sequence Processing Artificial Neural Networks
Kazuki Irie · Jürgen Schmidhuber
Short-term Prediction and Filtering of Solar Power Using State-Space Gaussian Processes
So Takao · Sean Nassimiha · Peter Dudfield · Jack Kelly · Marc Deisenroth
Tue 14:00 Explain My Surprise: Learning Efficient Long-Term Memory by predicting uncertain outcomes
Artyom Sorokin · Nazar Buzun · Leonid Pugachev · Mikhail Burtsev
Mixed-Memory RNNs for Learning Long-term Dependencies in Irregularly-sampled Time Series
Mathias Lechner · Ramin Hasani
Tue 14:00 FiLM: Frequency improved Legendre Memory Model for Long-term Time Series Forecasting
Tian Zhou · Ziqing MA · xue wang · Qingsong Wen · Liang Sun · Tao Yao · Wotao Yin · Rong Jin
Informing generative replay for continual learning with long-term memory formation in the fruit fly
Brian Robinson · Justin Joyce · Raphael Norman-Tenazas · Gautam Vallabha · Erik Johnson
Transformer needs NMDA receptor nonlinearity for long-term memory
Dong-Kyum Kim · Jea Kwon · Meeyoung Cha · C. Lee
Fri 13:00 A Temporal Fusion Transformer for Long-term Explainable Prediction of Emergency Department Overcrowding