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Mixed Samples Data Augmentation with Replacing Latent Vector Components in Normalizing Flow
Genki Osada · Budrul Ahsan · Takashi Nishide
Tue 9:00 A Unified Analysis of Mixed Sample Data Augmentation: A Loss Function Perspective
Chanwoo Park · Sangdoo Yun · Sanghyuk Chun
Tue 14:00 Probabilistic Missing Value Imputation for Mixed Categorical and Ordered Data
Yuxuan Zhao · Alex Townsend · Madeleine Udell
Tue 9:00 Learning with little mixing
Ingvar Ziemann · Stephen Tu
Wed 14:00 RecursiveMix: Mixed Learning with History
Lingfeng Yang · Xiang Li · Borui Zhao · Renjie Song · Jian Yang
Data-heterogeneity-aware Mixing for Decentralized Learning
Yatin Dandi · Anastasiia Koloskova · Martin Jaggi · Sebastian Stich
Deliberated Domain Bridging for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
Lin Chen · Zhixiang Wei · Xin Jin · Huaian Chen · Miao Zheng · Kai Chen · Yi Jin
Mix and Reason: Reasoning over Semantic Topology with Data Mixing for Domain Generalization
Chaoqi Chen · Luyao Tang · Feng Liu · Gangming Zhao · Yue Huang · Yizhou Yu
Thu 9:00 Structural Analysis of Branch-and-Cut and the Learnability of Gomory Mixed Integer Cuts
Maria-Florina Balcan · Siddharth Prasad · Tuomas Sandholm · Ellen Vitercik