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Affinity Workshop
Model Averaging to Learn Bayesian Network Structures with Non-Linear Structured Representations
Charupriya Sharma
Thu 9:00 Partial Identification of Treatment Effects with Implicit Generative Models
Vahid Balazadeh Meresht · Vasilis Syrgkanis · Rahul Krishnan
Tue 14:00 Ensemble of Averages: Improving Model Selection and Boosting Performance in Domain Generalization
Devansh Arpit · Huan Wang · Yingbo Zhou · Caiming Xiong
Wed 14:00 AirfRANS: High Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics Dataset for Approximating Reynolds-Averaged Navier–Stokes Solutions
Florent Bonnet · Jocelyn Mazari · Paola Cinnella · Patrick Gallinari
Tue 14:00 Merging Models with Fisher-Weighted Averaging
Michael S Matena · Colin Raffel