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Thu 14:00 CascadeXML: Rethinking Transformers for End-to-end Multi-resolution Training in Extreme Multi-label Classification
Siddhant Kharbanda · Atmadeep Banerjee · Erik Schultheis · Rohit Babbar
Wed 10:15 Panel 3B-3: A Multi-Resolution Framework… & Staircase Attention for…
Da JU · Fabian Falck
Wed 9:00 Open High-Resolution Satellite Imagery: The WorldStrat Dataset – With Application to Super-Resolution
Julien Cornebise · Ivan Oršolić · Freddie Kalaitzis
Wed 14:00 A Multi-Resolution Framework for U-Nets with Applications to Hierarchical VAEs
Fabian Falck · Christopher Williams · Dominic Danks · George Deligiannidis · Christopher Yau · Chris C Holmes · Arnaud Doucet · Matthew Willetts
Heat Demand Forecasting with Multi-Resolutional Representation of Heterogeneous Temporal Ensemble
Satyaki Chatterjee · Adithya Ramachandran · Thorkil Flensmark Neergaard · Andreas Maier · Siming Bayer
PatchComplete: Learning Multi-Resolution Patch Priors for 3D Shape Completion on Unseen Categories
Yuchen Rao · Yinyu Nie · Angela Dai
Learning Multi-resolution Functional Maps with Spectral Attention for Robust Shape Matching
Lei Li · Nicolas Donati · Maks Ovsjanikov
Wed 5:00 Weakly Supervised Cell Segmentation in Multi-modality High-Resolution Microscopy Images
JUN MA · Ronald Xie · Shamini Ayyadhury · Sweta Banerjee · Ritu Gupta · Gary Bader · Bo Wang
High-Resolution Image Editing via Multi-Stage Blended Diffusion
Johannes Ackermann · Minjun Li