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Thu 4:30 3rd prize ex aequo CORE: Team SI Analytics - Simple Baseline for Weather Forecasting Using Spatiotemporal Context Aggregation Network
Minseok Seo
Wed 14:00 Robust Calibration with Multi-domain Temperature Scaling
Yaodong Yu · Stephen Bates · Yi Ma · Michael Jordan
Fri 11:45 Scaling Laws for a Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Model
Oren Neumann · Claudius Gros
Fri 13:00 Automatic Sleep Scoring from Large-scale Multi-channel Pediatric EEG
Harlin Lee · Aaqib Saeed
Learning Controllable Adaptive Simulation for Multi-scale Physics
Tailin Wu · Takashi Maruyama · Qingqing Zhao · Gordon Wetzstein · Jure Leskovec
ResT V2: Simpler, Faster and Stronger
Qinglong Zhang · Yu-Bin Yang
Multi-Scale Adaptive Network for Single Image Denoising
Yuanbiao Gou · Peng Hu · Jiancheng Lv · Joey Tianyi Zhou · Xi Peng
Wed 14:00 HUMUS-Net: Hybrid Unrolled Multi-scale Network Architecture for Accelerated MRI Reconstruction
Zalan Fabian · Berk Tinaz · Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Thu 9:00 Single-pass Streaming Lower Bounds for Multi-armed Bandits Exploration with Instance-sensitive Sample Complexity
Sepehr Assadi · Chen Wang
Wed 9:00 AMOS: A Large-Scale Abdominal Multi-Organ Benchmark for Versatile Medical Image Segmentation
Yuanfeng Ji · Haotian Bai · Chongjian GE · Jie Yang · Ye Zhu · Ruimao Zhang · Zhen Li · Lingyan Zhanng · Wanling Ma · Xiang Wan · Ping Luo
Cortical Transformers: Robustness and Model Compression with Multi-Scale Connectivity Properties of the Neocortex.
Brian Robinson · Nathan Drenkow
Wed 9:00 Geometry-aware Two-scale PIFu Representation for Human Reconstruction
Zheng Dong · Ke Xu · Ziheng Duan · Hujun Bao · Weiwei Xu · Rynson Lau