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Wed 9:00 Manifold Interpolating Optimal-Transport Flows for Trajectory Inference
Guillaume Huguet · Daniel Sumner Magruder · Alexander Tong · Oluwadamilola Fasina · Manik Kuchroo · Guy Wolf · Smita Krishnaswamy
Optimal Transport for Offline Imitation Learning
Yicheng Luo · zhengyao Jiang · Samuel Cohen · Edward Grefenstette · Marc Deisenroth
Affinity Workshop
Meta Optimal Transport
Brandon Amos · Samuel Cohen · Giulia Luise · Ievgen Redko
Thu 14:00 Efficient and Effective Optimal Transport-Based Biclustering
Chakib Fettal · lazhar labiod · Mohamed NADIF
Wed 9:00 Optimal Transport-based Identity Matching for Identity-invariant Facial Expression Recognition
Daeha Kim · Byung Cheol Song
LOTUS: Learning to learn with Optimal Transport in Unsupervised Scenarios
prabhant singh · Joaquin Vanschoren
Wed 9:00 Curriculum Reinforcement Learning using Optimal Transport via Gradual Domain Adaptation
Peide Huang · Mengdi Xu · Jiacheng Zhu · Laixi Shi · Fei Fang · DING ZHAO
Tue 9:00 Optimal Transport of Classifiers to Fairness
Maarten Buyl · Tijl De Bie
Keypoint-Guided Optimal Transport with Applications in Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation
Xiang Gu · Yucheng Yang · Wei Zeng · Jian Sun · Zongben Xu
Thu 9:00 Revisiting Sliced Wasserstein on Images: From Vectorization to Convolution
Khai Nguyen · Nhat Ho
Thu 9:00 Asymptotics of smoothed Wasserstein distances in the small noise regime
Yunzi Ding · Jonathan Niles-Weed
Solving a Special Type of Optimal Transport Problem by a Modified Hungarian Algorithm
Yiling Xie · Yiling Luo · Xiaoming Huo