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FLUTE: A Scalable, Extensible Framework for High-Performance Federated Learning Simulations
Mirian Hipolito Garcia · Andre Manoel · Daniel Madrigal · Robert Sim · Dimitrios Dimitriadis
Detecting COVID-19 infection from ultrasound imaging with only five shots: A high-performing explainable deep few-shot learning network
Jessy Song · Ashkan Ebadi · Adrian Florea · PENGCHENG XI · Alexander Wong
Mon 11:00 Incentive-Aware Machine Learning: A Tale of Robustness, Fairness, Improvement, and Performativity
Chara Podimata
Wed 14:00 Towards a Standardised Performance Evaluation Protocol for Cooperative MARL
Rihab Gorsane · Omayma Mahjoub · Ruan John de Kock · Roland Dubb · Siddarth Singh · Arnu Pretorius
Tue 14:00 Ensemble of Averages: Improving Model Selection and Boosting Performance in Domain Generalization
Devansh Arpit · Huan Wang · Yingbo Zhou · Caiming Xiong
Wed 9:00 Evaluation beyond Task Performance: Analyzing Concepts in AlphaZero in Hex
Charles Lovering · Jessica Forde · George Konidaris · Ellie Pavlick · Michael Littman
Wed 9:00 Free Probability for predicting the performance of feed-forward fully connected neural networks
Reda CHHAIBI · Tariq Daouda · Ezechiel Kahn
Thu 9:00 InsNet: An Efficient, Flexible, and Performant Insertion-based Text Generation Model
Sidi Lu · Tao Meng · Nanyun Peng
Thu 14:00 TransBoost: Improving the Best ImageNet Performance using Deep Transduction
Omer Belhasin · Guy Bar-Shalom · Ran El-Yaniv
Tue 14:00 Agreement-on-the-line: Predicting the Performance of Neural Networks under Distribution Shift
Christina Baek · Yiding Jiang · Aditi Raghunathan · J. Zico Kolter
Thu 9:00 Performative Power
Moritz Hardt · Meena Jagadeesan · Celestine Mendler-D√ľnner
Tue 14:00 Unravelling the Performance of Physics-informed Graph Neural Networks for Dynamical Systems
Abishek Thangamuthu · Gunjan Kumar · Suresh Bishnoi · Ravinder Bhattoo · N M Anoop Krishnan · Sayan Ranu