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Physics-Informed Machine Learning of Dynamical Systems for Efficient Bayesian Inference
Som Dhulipala · Yifeng Che · Michael Shields
Thu 14:00 First Contact: Unsupervised Human-Machine Co-Adaptation via Mutual Information Maximization
Siddharth Reddy · Sergey Levine · Anca Dragan
Machine Learning Explainability from an Information-theoretic Perspective
Debargha Ganguly · Debayan Gupta
Machine-learned climate model corrections from a global storm-resolving model
Anna Kwa
Affinity Workshop
Accurate Machine-Learning-Based classification of Leukemia from Blood Smear Images
Simon Mekit · Kokeb Dese Gebremeskel
A hybrid Reduced Basis and Machine-Learning algorithm for building Surrogate Models: a first application to electromagnetism
Alejandro Ribes · Ruben Persicot · Lucas Meyer · Jean-Pierre Ducreux
Sat 7:35 Machine-learning, distribution shifts and extrapolation in the Earth System
Markus Reichstein
Tue 9:00 A composable machine-learning approach for steady-state simulations on high-resolution grids
Rishikesh Ranade · Chris Hill · Lalit Ghule · Jay Pathak
Thu 14:00 Generic bounds on the approximation error for physics-informed (and) operator learning
Tim De Ryck · Siddhartha Mishra
Transfer Learning with Physics-Informed Neural Networks for Efficient Simulation of Branched Flows
Raphael Pellegrin · Blake Bullwinkel · Marios Mattheakis · Pavlos Protopapas
Robustifying machine-learned algorithms for efficient grid operation
Nicolas Christianson · Christopher Yeh · Tongxin Li · Mahdi Torabi Rad · Azarang Golmohammadi · Adam Wierman
Deep-pretrained-FWI: combining supervised learning with physics-informed neural network
ANA PAULA MULLER · Clecio Roque Bom · Jessé Carvalho Costa · Elisângela Lopes Faria · Marcelo Portes de Albuquerque · Marcio Portes de Albuquerque